Service requests

In case of a defective product or any service issue, please contact your dealer or installer.
Alternatively, you can register directly the defective product here. To sign a defective product, you first need to register for the SHARP e-Service. For this please click the box SHARP eService - Register. In eService you need to enter some information. We will unlock you for this area and you will receive your login data. Then Click on the box SHARP eService - Login.

After Sales Support – Contact us

If you have any question for:

- Solar Modules
- Battery Solutions
- Energy Management

please send a message by the contact form:

Solar Support

Solar Modules – Complaint inquiry

Your SHARP PV module has been manufactured to the highest standards of care, attention and quality. In the unlikely event of a defective module, please contact your installer or dealer.
If you want to inform us about a PV modul complaint, please use our electronic form: