Video Wall Software

See the difference with our Video Wall software

It’s time to overcome the challenges of traditional video walls and turn your vision into reality with Sharp’s Video Wall Software.  

Have you ever seen a poorly configured video wall? Different screens with different colour tones, maybe even some screens that weren’t working? The audience’s focus should be on the content – not on a faulty or misconfigured screen. 

At Sharp, we’ve made it our mission to ensure video walls live up to their potential and deliver precisely what they are meant to: awe-inspiring, eye-catching messages that are perfectly configured, richly colourful and always in sync.  

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Video wall software

Our video walls feature Sharp’s own Advanced UCCT (Uniform Colour Calibration Technology), which ensures matching colour across all your video wall panels. With our advanced UCCT software built-in to each screen, it is easier than ever to make calibration changes and conduct maintenance on individual screens.  


Images as big as your imagination

No matter how big you want your video wall to be, our Enlarged Zoom Display mode offers enormous possibilities. You can spread one image across up to 25 monitors with perfect alignment.  

The video wall installation process is quick and effortless. Each unit is pre-calibrated in the factory to your unique requirements, resulting in uniform, hassle-free displays that are ready to use in moments. 

Plus, with our remote-control sensor box, you have the power to control multi-screen configurations with a simple click. In other words, it is efficient and easy to control your displays in real-time.   

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